Issue 02: Getting The Most From Your Days

The SELF Journal is about helping you get the most out of each day. 

But sometimes we need to be able to see the bigger picture. It’s easy to get so caught up on our day-to-day success that we forget what the year looks like.

Think about it like this.

In a company, the CEO is responsible for keeping the company’s long-term vision and values on track amongst all the daily chaos. Employees are the ones who focus on the details of the day-to-day operations of the company - an individual customer’s complaint, getting a feature completed, or scheduling a meeting with the supplier.

A company needs both to survive and thrive. Without employees, the ship would sink very fast - the company’s operations would screech to a halt. Without the CEO, the company would lose its vision, its purpose, and its destination. It would be floating like a ship lost in the ocean - still afloat, but not going anywhere in particular. 

In our own lives, we are both the CEO and the employees. The SELF Journal keeps the employee part of us on track & focused. But we also need to keep our CEO looking at the long-term, bigger picture. We have to know what we have coming up in the following weeks and months. 

So for 2017, we’ve got something special for you! It’ll help move you forward to a clear destination and take a step back when things get a bit chaotic.

Featured Find


The BestSelf Co. team loves Audible. It’s has thousands of audiobooks for you to choose from and listen to whenever, wherever you want. In our last newsletter, we had finished reading Deep Work by Cal Newport. By reading, we really meant listening. Yup, we listened to it on Audible! 

By using audiobooks, we can get the most out of each day. We can “read” while commuting, working out, cooking, and more. It lets us squeeze a lot of reading time into our days without having to carve out hours to sit down and read. 

They have a great 30-day trial for you that comes with a free audiobook so you can try it here before you decide! If you’re looking for a book to try out, we recommend Born For This by Chris Guillebeau. 

Chris Guillebeau is the founder of The Art of Non-Conformitya great blog & community about personal development, entrepreneurship and travelling. Our team at BestSelf Co. love his work! 

Born For This helps you find the best work for you - work that will help you become your BestSelf. 



If you haven’t gotten the pdf of 37 Productivity Hacks, come get it! We’ve consolidated all the little hacks we use in our daily life and tools that have helped us into an awesome bundle. These hacks helps us get the most out of our day by eliminating all the wasted time - finding a tool, getting distracted or mismanaging our time. 

Simply go here and you’ll be able to download it at the bottom of the post. It’s for your eyes only!

This PDF is packed with so much information, we guarantee you’ll have to read it twice…or even three times, to catch every detail. We recommend you choose 1-3 hacks that really resonated with you and work on building those into your life first. That way, you can get the maximum benefit from each hack as you go through it. 



Dee's BestSelf Story

Dee's SELF Journal has helped her recreate her life after illness and bereavement.

I used to be a research scientist.

It was all I ever wanted to be. And after three degrees and a PhD, I was deep into my dream job as a protein engineer trying to find the marker for cirrhosis. 

Then I was diagnosed with cancer.

I needed a double mastectomy as well as some lymph nodes removed and as a result of the chemotherapy, I was left with permanent chemo brain. This means my brain doesn't work in the way it did before my treatment. For example, I can't multitask and I now struggle to do things I used to take for granted. So science is now out for me and I've been busy adjusting. 

During these challenging times, my partner Iain was my rock. Iain reminded me of the things I needed to do and helped life carry on. But then he got cancer too and died on Boxing Day in 2015. 

Life is very different now.

But you can't stay in a corner forever.

I bought my first SELF Journal before Iain passed away. It dawned on me I'd have nothing when he was gone. I knew I needed something to keep everything together. I found if I have procedures in place and I have things I can follow, then I can get through the day.

My SELF Journal is the thing that keeps me together.

Iain was always very blunt. He'd say to me, "You're not dumb, but you're not smart anymore. What else can you do?" After Iain died, I used my SELF Journal to help me figure out what I needed to do and what I could do. I have a hard time setting goals now. It's not that I'm not ambitious, it's just that I need to be reminded of what things I need to do.

But after losing my caregivers allowance, the priority was to find a job to pay the bills so that's where I started. I was a little nervous because I hadn't worked since I had cancer, but the three month chunks helped. It made things feel less overwhelming. Right now I'm working in the sportswear section of a local gym. I'm on minimum wage so it's a start, but I'd like to be able to earn even more. You see, there's chocolate out there to eat! There are so many great things out in the world and there is so much I want to do and see. 

The great thing about cancer is I have nothing to fear anymore. I want to ride rollercoasters and cross glass walkways in China. I'm on borrowed time. I shouldn't be here! So I'm going to enjoy every day as much as I can.

So I'm currently studying shiatsu massage. My grandmother was a healer in a way and so is my sister. With this skill I'll be able to set up my own business as a mobile therapist. I'll have more earning potential, which means more time to explore. 

My whole life is in my SELF Journal. 

I think the SELF Journal is tremendous. For me it's a life tool that allows me to relax a little more. It's such an asset. I'm not sure I'd be doing so well if I didn't have it. It's with me all the time. In fact, I can't do without it! For example, when I'm confused or panicky, I simply look in the book and I know exactly what I need to do each day. I know where my brain doesn't work so good; the book does - so I no longer have to stress about the little things. Instead I can enjoy my life.

I just received my new journal yesterday and I've started working on my new goals. When I feel down, I look at the previous journals and I can see how far I've come. I miss my Iain so much, but having the journal is like him being here to remind me of things to plan and do.