What We've Updated With Version 2

We recently updated the SELF Journal after listening to the feedback of many of you after using it. We are always working to iterate and improve the SELF Journal as we find better ways to work with it. 

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Here're some of the updates we made to version 2:

Today's Targets:

We moved the daily targets section to right below the goal section, and this helps connect your daily tasks to the goal and evaluate if you are focusing on the right things. Before this, the quote came between these which could interrupt the thought process between when you write the ideas.

Daily Quote:

Each daily spread has all new quotes!

As you see in the image above we also moved and highlighted the quote to symbolize the break-up of the morning and evening routine. Everything before the highlight should be done in the morning and throughout the day, after the quote is the end of the day routine where you reflect, note your wins and complete your evening gratitude.

New + Improved Calendar:

The bigger improved calendar design is much more functional and gives you a bigger picture of the three months. This should help you remember and track all of your appointments throughout the month, as well as give you a visual timeline for your goal.

Weekly Reflection Section:

One of the advantages of the reflection spaces is looking back at the current week as well as past weeks to see if you're improving. In version 1 we had it at the end of each 7 day block. For version 2 we have updated this into one section to enable you to easily review multiple weekly reflections at a time and identify patterns as they come up.

Another reason we changed it was to ensure that if you missed a day it didn't mess with your whole journal. We left it undated so you can start anytime, and we don't want an awkward space in your week if you happen not to fill it in one day.

Freedom Pages:

Due to moving the reflection pages to the front and re-working the layout, we were able to include 16 removable pages to the back of the journal. We call these the freedom pages as it allows you freedom to do whatever you want, whether it's tracking everyday tasks, doodling or sketching.

Additional Roadmaps:

We inserted two additional roadmaps into the back of the SELF Journal so that you can break down and track multiple goals at once. For example, some people have health, business and personal goal that they want to be mindful of and working towards.

Smaller changes:

- Smaller dot grid next to the timeline
- Fixed a couple of spelling mistakes (oops!)
- Cover material change


Good news! Version 2 is now Shipping! Order here.