Intimacy Deck

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150 conversations for partners to connect in surprising ways.

Strengthen your intimate relationships with conversations that build trust, openness, and vulnerability.

It can be difficult to keep your closest relationships alive. With all of life's distractions and pressures, it’s easy to lose focus and get into a complacent routine. Before you know it, you forget the joys of what brought you together and you stop talking in the ways that you used to love.


Packed with 150 conversation starters, the Intimacy Deck helps you spark the deep and meaningful conversations that bring you closer together. Get ready to ignite more passion and fall in love again!


Pick a card, ask your partner the question, and see where your conversation leads. You might be surprised by the twists and turns your discussions take. These questions are designed to help you get to know each other better - so get ready to be open, vulnerable, and even a little uncomfortable. It’s worth it. The more you talk, the more your love will grow to a new level.


Whether you're starting a new relationship or reinvigorating an existing one, use the Intimacy Deck to talk in a way that strengthens your relationship for the better.

The perfect addition to date night

These fun and engaging cards help you introduce the same curiosity and excitement you shared on your first date together.

Reignite your spark

With prompts that encourage you to speak your truth, share your past, and plan for your future, it’s your everyday tool for a healthier and happier relationship.

Increase and improve communication

Lack of communication is a common culprit in many relationship issues. By carving out time to be present you’ll feel more connected with your partner.

Get to know each other better

Use the Intimacy Deck to ask the questions you wouldn’t normally ask and learn about your partner on a deeper level.

Spend more quality time

Put away your phones, switch off the TV, and use these prompts to shake (and even spice) things up.

Learn to speak each other’s love languages

Use the prompts to play a game. Guess your partner’s answer to a particular card and test how well you know each other.

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Customer Reviews

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Coming through in a pinch

I've been using the Journal for nearly a year now and can't go a day without it. To make sure I didn't miss time, I sent out for an order as my previous journal was winding down. Unfortunately, there was some shipping issues and I was up against it as the previous one died down. Lucky for me though, the first-rate customer service was able to overnight a package to me, ensuring that I didn't have to miss days. It was certainly a great relief to me and further proof that Best Self looks out for its loyal customers.

Intimacy Deck brought us closer

So satisfied with the Intimacy Deck from!! Great prompts that not only got us thinking about our wants and needs but also surprised us both. Thoughtful, simple questions created to grow intimately with any person you care to improve your relationship with. Highly recommend!!

Great Gift!

I gifted my team these journals for the holidays. It was a great way to help them establish and hit their goals for the year. Great quality. I will definitely buy them in the future!

Enjoyable, helpful, interesting, exciting

Boyfriend and I have enjoyed your decks a lot! We've gone through this deck a bit, but I'm excited to go through some more soon. Thanks for a great product!


Intimacy Deck