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Wondeful Reminders

Love the quotes and saying used! Help keep me motivated!

Accidental Purchase (will be gifted).

Great for students, especially if they live a full life, of school, job, healthy activities, family time and slip in a bit of great entertainment and much needed sleep.

Best Journal Yet

I'm always on the search for the ideal journey, and I think I might have finally found it. It combines attributes of a planner, gratitude journal, and goal setting. I've only been using it 10 days, but it has been special so far!

BestSelf is the Best!

Absolutely love my Journal with the leather case. Not only am I getting more organized and progressing in the journey of achieveing my goals but I’m having a great time doing it with style and with class

My brain is organized!!

I have searched for years for a planner that organizes me. Best Self is much more that a planner. It helps me organize my goals and I stay focused on the tasks that will take me closer to reaching it.


This has totally changed how I plan my day, manage my energy, and set goals. Adopting my Self Journal as a touchstone throughout the day has enabled me to get more of the important things done, to cultivate powerfully positive habits, and to learn something new every day. Can't say enough good things about it. I've been getting them as gifts for all the other go-getters in my life. Thank you!

Love it

I really enjoy it - especially the gratitude!

SELF Journal better than ever

This is my second SELF Journal. The first was incredible, and I praised it to the point that half my friends wound up ordering them, too. I'm so happy to have it as a tool to keep me moving forward with all my goals. The updated design is fantastic. Having two pages per week in the weekly planning section and all of the instructions in a separate pamphlet are both wonderful steps forward.

A great experience

This journal was recommended to me by a yoga instructor. I was skeptical until I started working with it. I start and end my day with it now and it keeps me focused and motivated. I have been significantly more productive and satisfied with my life since.

First Time Using

I am currently in my second week of the best self journal and am finding it very useful. I'm still trying to set my goals correctly to make them more manageable and not seem just like things to do. Overall, the structure is really good and the free form style is incredibly useful.

Accuracy in Advertising

Just as described, this journal has increased my productivity, has taught me skills to maintain that high level of productivity, and has become a keepsake of the progress I've made toward life-changing goals.

It's great.

I like Self Journal bc it guides me in taking my quarter goals and breaking them down by week and day, to make each day on track to reach my bigger goals.

All The Best Strategies Built In

I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time this summer digging into a bunch of the best self-improvement material out there--including Tony Robbins, Cal Newport (author of Deep Work), Tim Ferriss and many of the all-stars he interviews--and I noticed some patterns. I found some key factors for successfully achieving goals to be: Breaking goals into managable parts, daily review of your goals, course correcting (accomplished by weekly planning and review), daily gratitude, checking off daily successes and planning out your day to visualize the scarcity of your time. And writing this all on paper is huge, too.
It's clear to me that Cathryn and Allen really did do their research and I think they have utilized the best ideas out there to create a powerful tool for making goals into reality.

I love it!

The journal has been very helpful with structuring my goals and tracking progress during a very stressful time. Highly recommend!

Love it!!

I absolutely love this journal!

I Was Cynical At First...

I was cynical at first, but I'm hooked. I'm hitting my morning routine regularly, which anchors my entire day. Looking forward to the next 13 weeks.


Love this notebook


Loving it!

Great Resource!

I can't thank you enough for the work you guys have done in crafting this journal. I love it!!

Great journal!

Overall I really like it, it definitely helps to keep everything organized and forces me to be more deliberate with my actions each day. A worthwhile purchase!

Waited by the mailbox for arrival

I sustained a flood and was out of my house for five months. My best self had been packed away. At first not missed but slowly my goals and positive attitude began to drift. Thank goodness It finally arrived and I am back on track

Love it !!!

It is such a great journal. The format pushes you forward to dig in and make headway.

I'm in love

I have always been a journaled but writing down my dreams has never felt more real or tangible or achievable before. I am two weeks and feeling really great about the way things are going.


Great! Love it

A real, curated way to organize your life

Really well put together. Develop new habits. Become a better person.

Get it!

My Self Journal... one of the best purchases I made this year (and I bought mine in Nov)

Love ❤️ you

I purchased a Breathe Bracelet for myself and one as a gift. I love mine and so does the gift recipient.


Best journal I’ve used! It helps keep you very focused and inspired :-)

Class !

Well Made, Looks Great! adds a touch of Class to my working Day........

Makes you think about your day

I still procrastinate (sometimes!) but I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my output. As a self-employed creative type who works at home, it’s sometimes hard to get motivated unless you have a deadline looming, so the Best Self Journal just keeps things ticking along nicely on track. There’s something about physically writing it all down too that I love! ;)

It efficiently puts you on tracks

This is so fat the best planner I've ever tried.
The design & layout is very subtle, so that what matters eventually is the content you put in there, even though the display is very light, everything that needs to be in the agenda is there. Because what matters eventually is what we fill it with and how we grow.
I used the pdf version while waiting for my delivery and it convinced me that I made a good purchase.
Now that received the planner i can say that I really love it. I can see myself getting more and more committed to my project day after day and this is definitly due to its structure that helps me break down my big goal in achievable little missions, which makes me move very efficiently on my timeline. Also the tool enables me to reset my mind to think positive which leads me to a virtuous circle.

Great product. Special thx to Cathryn and Allen for creating it.


SELF Journal [Graduate Edition]


Really helpful

2nd purchase of self book

I love the self journal, but I am a little disappointed in the graduate version. I was not expecting no pen holder, and only one book bark ribbon. I also wish the three goal pages were together. I did not need the instruction pages, but the other features are missed. I could have done without the poster 90 day calendar. Already have one. Still a satisfied customer!

Great planner/journal

It is perfect for keeping track of the present and planning for the future.


SELF Journal [Graduate Edition]


SELF Journal


SELF Journal

Life changing!

I’ve only just completed the first week but I’m really loving my journal. It’s been such a productive week and I’ve felt much more mindful and intentional with my time. Definitely recommend to anyone who is a procrastinator and is ready to get their act together!!


SELF Journal [Graduate Edition]

Best $47 I've spent

I'm a week into my 13-week road map and I can honestly say that this is the best thing I've chosen to do to improve my habits and keep track of my goals. The Best Self Journal makes it so easy to keep track of everything I need to reach my new bite-sized goals and create new habits. Breaking everything down into 13-week strategies stops me feeling overwhelmed and giving up.

As an added bonus, I have a reminder set in the morning and the evening to complete my gratitude entries which has actually reignited my previous habit of journaling in the morning and evening. That's an additional unexpected win.


SELF Journal [Graduate Edition]

My third (maybe even fourth) book purchase

There are a lot of planners out there but this one feels specifically tailored to me. This is the third, possibly fourth copy I've purchased for myself not counting the ones that my mom, sister, and girlfriend use. Thanks for the book, you two.

Great idea

I'm just under 2 weeks into using my first journal and I am really finding the layout and whole idea a huge success for me so far. It's helping me to be less stressed as well as more focussed on exactly what I want to achieve. Also, the fact it breaks down goals allows me to think big without just dreaming with no idea what to do for the day to day activities to get there!

After a hiatus, I bought a 4th SELF Journal. Here's why.

I am an entrepreneur, and I am trying to save "every penny" right now. So I thought, I would try not getting another one. Though very much liked the THREE I had before. This gave me a chance to see what I had missed, and make sure I really did want it, and to invest the money again (which I just did for a FOURTH one!).

Here were my notes.

What I Miss from SELF Journal

* A physical, tangible space where you can see the entire day before you. Inevitably, this felt more like a day you could hold, and have a tangible sense of its passing, than any Google Calendar.
* One physical element that you could hold on to, that for today was the thing you had to reference, about what you were doing. You could update it with a pencil, and that was it. It did not matter what all the other, digital things, were saying.
* Always coming back to asking: What is my 3-month goal, and how far am I along? What will it be like on (date) when I reach that, and will I make the goal?
* The extremely strong focus on the 3 MITs (most important tasks).
* Tying the 3 MITs to what I was choosing to do, so that I could see how I was doing in terms of prioritizing my 3 MITs.
* Seeing each day, how close I got to meeting my 3 MITs.
* A clear place where all these methods could be physically, tangibly, and consistently embodied. (A stability in a state of constant flux.)
* A visible sense of how time really passes, and how critical it is to use it. I really did feel more like I was poignantly, visibly aware of how I was using my time. In a way that still felt fluid enough, but I could make tangible in a way that was very helpful for me.
* A built-in sense of daily goal and review. Of measuring progress.

I had more to say, but I have a limit of 2,000 characters!

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this book! It’s awesome!

This journal has truly changed my outlook on the day! It’s inspiring and amazing how a small change can make you so grateful for all you have!

Game changer

This journal has provided the structure and accountability to myself that I needed to raise my production to the next level.


SELF Journal [Graduate Edition]

Self Journal - Graduate Edition

I love this journal just like the original. Always ships quickly and never any damage to packaging. I highly recommend this planner.


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