A Roadmap to your Goals

Complement without over-doing it. The wall calendar is to complement your SELF Journal, to visually track your progress at a higher level. The calendar let's you focus on creating habits that stick and visually tracking your progress to your end goal. The SELF Journal dives deeper into the granular daily action.

The Calendar should be used to track your progress in personal and professional setting. Want to learn a new language? Make sure you are practicing each day to make sure you hit your goal in 3 months. Want to be a better writer? Make sure you are writing each day to hone your new skill.

Wall RoadMap

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Love it!

Progress is happiness

Back when I was a young boy, I remember getting gold stars for doing good things like doing chores, picking up after myself, not chasing squirrels, and talking to my dog as if he was my best friend. (Everyone has a non human as a best friend at some point in their lives, don’t act like you didn’t) Anyways, this wall road map is the adult version of a child gold star chart. I'd give it six stars if they shipped chocolate cookies and a cold glass of milk after successfully completing my goals but I'm not 8 years old anymore and Best Self Co isn't my mom.

Let's be honest, everyone has ideas but most people don't do them. Maybe it's fear, maybe it's a lack of organization and structure, or a lack of knowledge... or if you’ve ever played cards against humanity… maybe you're just born with it. I was one of those kids that was born with ADHD, incredibly bright yet incredibly “lazy”. When I put this on my wall, I ran over to the local supply store and bought myself some gold/silver/bronze stars and a dry erase pen and went to town on creating goals and new habits The question wasn’t “what in the world am I going to do with my life?!?” it was now “how many times can I achieve the goals in my life?”. Stop asking questions, start doing, start learning, start progressing your life forward.

I was so excited when my journal came with this, because I also happened to buy an extra wall roadmap. My first one is focused on working out. My goal for 2017 was to run a 5k every other day. I am about 1/3rd of the way there. I’m happy with my progress, happy with my body and more importantly, happy with my life. 

Of course, if you’re like me, you are a young entrepreneur with ADHD, tons of ideas, and big dreams trying to make the world a better place to live for everyone. When we’re talking about successful people, we’re talking about daily habits and constantly setting and achieving goals. The great part is that each day is broken into two convent sections. For me, I have ...

Great Wall Calendar

Customer Service was excellent.


It's exactly what I needed. I'm using it for a debt consolidation list so I can see my progress on a daily basis until I reach my goal. I'll be investing in the journal next.

So cute

Haven't used it yet but can tell it's going to be great! Thank you!


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