How it Works

A year's worth of SELF Journals to help you
achieve a year's worth of goals.

Achieve big things

Stay motivated with four seasonal journals designed to empower you to make 2018 your best year yet.

Stay on target

Use the sturdy display box to keep your journals close, remind you there’s a bigger picture, and brighten up your workspace.

4 journals. 4 colors.

Perfect for everyday carry, your stylish boxset makes it easy to change your planning look with the seasons.

Quadruple your output

Break down big ideas into 13-week goals and maximize your productivity by keeping the end is in sight.

Commit to your year of success

Commit to your year of success

When you’re determined to make 2018 yours, you don’t want to miss a beat. And with your limited edition boxset that task just got easier. With a different coloured SELF Journal for every season, you can win the year - one 13-week roadmap at a time.

So make this your year of possibility. Commit to yourself and invest in your dreams with a four-pack of seasonally inspired journals designed to carry you through to New Year’s Eve.

Take a Look Inside

Stay focused. Don’t let life throw you off course. Instead, use your limited edition boxset to inspire you to make every day count.

“Don’t just count your years, make your years count.”
-George Meridith

New Year, new start, new hopes, right? The challenge is those feelings of optimism don’t last. If you don’t harness them, your dreams fall by the wayside and you get stuck in disappointment.

That’s why this year is different. 2018 is yours! You’re committed to seeing your goals through. You're determined to push through the roadblocks, thrive in discomfort, and come out the other end with a deeper awareness of what you can do.

And that’s why you need this boxset - because you don’t want to miss a beat. Instead, you want to motivate yourself with a constant reminder that this is your year and you’re going to give it your all.

We created this boxset for action-takers - people like you who want to unlock their potential, achieve their goals, and live a life that makes you proud. This boxset represents your year of possibility - 365 chances to win the day. We can’t wait to see how you convert those daily pages into successes.

With 4 SELF Journals purchased and ready to use, there’s no scope for slipping! With your next journal ready to use, you can effortlessly switch from one journal to the next and never miss a day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I preordered the seasonal 4 pack and they are really beautiful. It is great seeig them lined up waiting for me!

4 Pack

Great product with great support

Love the improved layout

Aside from the pretty colours (as a stationery nut, that's important), a number of excellent changes have been made over previous Self Journals. There are 3 place marker ribbons for different sections. All 3 goals are up the front of the book. There are new weekly planning pages. You can choose whether the weeks in your monthly calendar start on a Sunday or a Monday (contentious issue that one). And the separate guide book that comes with them is awesome! I keep it on my desk, don't need it in the front of the journal when I carry it around. Now to kick those goals!


Love it. The box and everything inside is well built and packed. The journals themselves are absolutely luxurious - more than expected! Highly recommend it to anyone. Don't second guess yourself on the purchase.


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