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Breathe Band

The BREATHE Band was created to anchor you through the stress of everyday life. Crafted from natural vegetable-tanned leather and starts out as a light tan color, and will slowly transform and darken to a beautiful burnt sienna color with wear, creating a unique piece to you.

Small - 7.25"
Medium- 8.25"
Large - 9.25"
  What's My Size? Size is the length measured from tip of anchor to leather clasp.
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When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace

Transforms With You

The BREATHE Band was created to help anchor yourself in these stressful times. To remember to be present in what is happening around you. To focus, concentrate, relax, and breathe.

The thick vegetable-tanned leather will slowly transform, patina and darken over time as you wear it, creating a unique piece just for you.


Natural Vegetable Leather

Full grain, vegetable tanned leather from a tannery
in Tuscany, Italy.


Solid Brass Hardware

Custom designed military-grade
hardware with antique finish.


Built to Last

Produced with only plant and vegetable
extracts and no harmful chemicals.

Stay Present.
Every Day.

Each bracelet will darken and patina beautifully and individually according to its exposure to oils and sunlight. Custom designed hardware made from solid brass.


Breathe Band

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