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Could have been a bit more detailed. I've used it once now; will be trying it for a problem that I've been ruminating on for a bit on Monday.

Excellent tool

This deck has a very thorough set of questions to assist with almost any decisions (some questions may be more relevant then others, depending on the decision).


Love this

A great help

The Decision Deck helps you dig deeper than the typical “pros” and “cons” list when trying to make a decision. It helps to clarify the nuances of a situation and makes the decision making process more insightful.

Love it!

A great way of thinking through decisions. I can hardly wait to share this tool with my students and will recommend that they get their own sets!

The Decision Deck

Better Choices That Stick

Having big goals is great, but how do you DECIDE what goal you’ll go after? That’s why we created The Decision Deck. A series of prompt cards specifically designed to give you clarity on which direction you should head. The Decision Deck is perfect for people who struggle to make the best choice out of many.

No More Analysis Paralysis

Constantly being indecisive inevitably leads to consistently making the worst decision that you can make: No decision at all!  This is why you spend 90 minutes browsing Netflix without ever selecting anything. It's how you end up staying in and making peanut butter and salami sandwich because you have nothing else in the house, and it's how you never truly reach for your dreams. The Decision Deck forces you to consider your rationale, question your bias and test your reasoning so you know you’re making the best decision for YOU right now.

Make The Right Decision And Build Momentum Toward Your Goals

The Decision Deck is your framework for better choices that stick. But it goes WAY beyond that. Having a goal is one thing, but what do you do next? Without the next step, you’ve got no momentum. Welcome to your tool for better choices. Each decision deck contains 31 prompt cards that walk you through a guided journey that will help you in making wiser decisions through variable thinking, testing assumptions and reducing hindsight bias

Never Second Guess Yourself Again

You never clearly decide, so you never clearly try. Sound familiar? Let’s face it, some people just suck at making decisions. But what if you could make decisions about your life, and NOT come back the next day to second guess yourself? It’s time to put indecision in its place, kick its ass, and make it feel terrible about itself. Instead of it making you feel terrible about you.

You Know What You Want, But How Do You Get There?

Having the courage to make a decision and stick with it is what defines our ability to succeed and be happy. When you have clear choices you have control. Control and certainty are crucial to making decisions that stick and seeing them through to the end.

But Wait. Was That The Right Decision?

The Decision Deck works best when you use them in order. Each card is specifically designed to push you through every stage of high-level decision making. But it doesn’t stop there. Your Decision Deck also has 6 Review Cards. This review process forces you to look at your decision, evaluate if it’s working for you, and helps you change course quickly if you need to. With each decision you make, your confidence and skill with decision making will grow

The Last Decision You’ll Ever Make Alone

Unfortunately, there’s no Decision Deck to help you decide if you need the Decision Deck. That’s a choice you’ll have to make on your own, but we hope it’s the last one.  

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