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Great journal!

This is my second Best Self Journal purchase. It’s an excellent tool. I also bought the weekly habit tracker, which is somewhat redundant when you use the journal unless you really want something to put on the wall to focus on every day. I’m still thinking about whether or not I’ll use it, but I get the idea. It takes time to reflect at the end of the day and plan at the beginning, but it makes for a more focused and fulfilling experience, ultimately adding up to a life lived focused on positive habits and personal responsibility.

Best self

I love it

Great concept. Simple, but brilliant.

Such a simple concept, but it really helps you identify what areas you are neglecting. It draws your focus and therefore your day towards achieving the things you have decided are important. Or helps you establish that actually they really are not that important, hence why you do not bother doing them.

It also made me set weekly goals where I have typically been focusing on daily.


This simple habit tracker has really helped me stay consistent with what's most important to me!


This is the first time I've used a habit tracker that spans more than a week. It's been confronting, to say the least, as I can't forget the mistakes that have been made in previous weeks by turning the page. It's been really positive as it forces me to stare my laziness in the face and to make adjustments in ways that previous habit trackers haven't.

Choose your habits or your habits choose you. 

Your habits help shape your life. We all have habits that we would like to have and habits that we wish we could stop doing. Researchers from the University College London published a study in the European Journal of Social Psychology that states that it takes 66 days to establish a habit. This is why we created the Habit Roadmap. 66 days can seem like forever and it can be easy to lose your motivation. This is a tool that will help you keep track of your habits and will help motivate you to keep going. As you check off each day, celebrate the small win and start to see the string of wins pile up. 

The Habit Roadmap comes with 2 Roadmaps.

Use both Roadmaps to outline 6 months of habit tracking or share a Roadmap with someone that can help you be accountable. 

This 25.5" by 5.75" Roadmap can be mounted somewhere as a reminder to keep your habits going or it can also be folded to fit inside your SELF Journal or SELF Scholar. 

Get control of the thing that helps shape your life, your habits. 


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