Icebreaker Deck

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The Icebreaker Deck
Meaningful Conversations and Deeper Relationships
“Every conversation is an invitation to risk revealing the real you.” Keith Ferazzi, author of Never Eat Alone

Surface level small talk rarely builds relationships. But meaningful conversations do.

Nothing will create more opportunities in your personal, professional, or even love life than knowing how to have great conversations.

The Icebreaker Deck is designed to change the way you have conversations and to get more out of every interaction you have.

Whether it’s waiting for a slow elevator in your condo, talking to an acquaintance at a party, chatting with a complete stranger at a networking event, or even day to day conversations with your partner, it happens to all of us.

Small talk is our default conversation mode. But with the prompts you’ll find in The Icebreaker deck you’ll discover how to have meaningful conversations without coming off as pushy, needy or that weird person everyone talks about but no one wants to talk to!


Build Your Network With Better Conversations

Most people miss out on opportunities to connect with people because they couldn’t move BEYOND the small talk.

If you’ve ever been to an event and had dozens of conversations only to wake up the next morning with a pocket full of business cards and no memory of anyone you met, then you need to try The Icebreaker Deck.

With 150 conversation prompts across 6 different categories, you’ll be armed with great icebreakers for any situation. You’ll be able to get deep about life, your experiences, and your passions while discovering the similarities or differences you have with others.

Instead of...

“How are you?” try “Who is someone you admire?”

“What do you do?”  try “What was your first job?”

“Where are you from?” try “What’s something interesting about where you grew up?”

The Icebreaker deck is packed with conversation prompts that are great for new conversations, but work just as well for getting a deeper knowledge about your partner or close friends.

Break free of small talk and discover how to have deep, meaningful conversations with anyone.

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