How it Works

The SELF Journal helps organize and align
your tactical day-to-day tasks with your larger life goals

  • Quadruple your output

    13-week goals cut procrastination and maximize your productivity by keeping the end is in sight.

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  • Believe you CAN smash it

    Incorporate the success tactics of the world’s top performers into your everyday life – effortlessly.

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  • Achieve big things

    Use the proven system to optimize your performance by aligning your day-to-day output with your big goals.

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  • Deeply connect with your goals

    Daily gratitude, reflection, and goal setting combine with 30-minute scheduling to keep you laser focused.

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Reach Your Goals Faster

We hear you! You’re ready to achieve transformational goals and get the most out of your life. And you’re determined. As Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” But you’re also apprehensive. You’ve been here before. You know you start out with good intentions. Your challenge is maintaining drive and enthusiasm - even when life gets in the way.

It’s why you’re looking for tools to help. You want a proven system to keep you focused, help you hustle, and crush your goals quicker. That’s what the SELF Journal delivers. Built around the success principles of positivity, productivity, and performance, this tool helps you overcome overwhelm so you can achieve big goals with ease.

Make Success Inevitable

How many times have you set out to change your life, only to give up on the goal after a few weeks? If so, you’re not alone. What’s more, past ‘failures’ are not your fault. You can’t be successful through drive and determination alone. You also need tools and systems to keep you focused, disciplined, and in control. The SELF Journal will help you become the person you know you can be.

Simple and Distraction-Free

The SELF Journal’s tried and tested structure empowers you to leverage the same success strategies as the world’s top performers. You’ll find it bridges the gap between idea and implementation. Where vision gets you started; execution delivers the goods. It’s where most people slip up… they miss targets and fail to deliver - because they get overwhelmed and lose sight of what needs to get done on a day-by-day basis.

Freedom in Structure

The SELF Journal solves this roadblock - permanently. It helps you plan each day powerfully - for maximum output. It encourages reflection and it keeps you on track. So if you’re serious about transforming your life, empower yourself with this game-changing tool. Used by Daymond John as well as thousands of entrepreneurs and goal-smashers, it could become the key to the inevitable success you deserve.

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SELF Journal [Graduation Edition]


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SELF Journal [Graduation Edition]


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