If you want to crush a big goal, effective planning is key. It’s why we created the Weekly Action Pad - so you can wave goodbye to busy weeks that don’t move the needle. This intelligent planning tool empowers you to optimize your week and perform at your best.

Instead of squandered time and putting out fires, you’ll design prioritized weeks of action. You’ll learn to leverage your energy, feel on top of your to-do list, and avoid overwhelm.

This tool has been our secret weapon for the last 2 years. It’s helped us craft powerful daily pages in our SELF Journal, and achieve big goals. Let’s discover what it can do for you.

Lasts a year

Packed with 52 templates, each pad has enough pages for an entire year.

Powerful visual aid

Easily detach and pin up each week’s plan to keep your to-dos top of mind.

Weekly to Daily Planning

Transfer tasks to your SELF Journal and design a high-performing week.

A Proven Tool that will help you Win The Week

Highly productive people tackle the right tasks at the right time. They know that ticking through a stack of low-priority tasks doesn’t achieve goals. Instead, they optimize their days for maximum output.

The Weekly Action Pad empowers you to make better choices for your time. Its structure guides your decision-making, helping your prioritize tasks and schedule your week for optimum performance.

Here's how:


Categorize tasks to help you prioritize and execute work that makes the biggest impact.


See at a glance what you need to do for different clients, colleagues, and assignments.


Get all the week’s to-dos out of your head and onto paper to free up bandwidth.

4. DUE

Never miss a deadline!


Identify the time each tasks requires for smarter scheduling and optimum daily output.

6. Energize/Neutral/Drain

Maximize your energy, focus, and willpower with the E.N.D formula.


Feel motivated as you mark off completed tasks and watch your to-do list shorten by the day.

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
– Abraham Lincoln


Weekly Action Image
  • Boost productivity

    With a focus on the week ahead, you’ll stop wasting bandwidth on tasks you plan to complete later.

  • Beat procrastination

    Forward planning ensures you hit the ground running because you know exactly what the week ahead holds.

  • Take back control

    Cut your overwhelm and reduce anxiety with a tool that helps clear tasks on time

  • Create an external brain

    Capture your weekly tasks on paper to free up bandwidth and stop relying on memory alone.

  • Kick-start your day

    With your week planned in advance, you can get out of the weeds, stop squandering time, and make marked progress towards your goals.

  • Maintain your integrity

    Hit deadlines, remember commitments, and empower yourself to deliver what you promised.


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Smart product

Works as advertised and please with the quality. Thanks!

Love love love

I was doing this on a legal pad prior to my weekly action pad. Love it!

Incredible Products

Absolutely love the products I received from Best Self. Exceeded my expectations even from what they had in the website. I feel more productive than ever at my job and I only see it getting better from here.

Excited to Start!

I haven't started utilizing the action pad yet- but I can not wait to see how it helps me keep even more on track. Sometimes things slip through the cracks as I work full time at a high pressured job, go to grad school and also work on my own side business. Scheduling all those things- as well as doctor's appointments and self care.....I feel like this is going to keep the whole thing in front of me and help me place it all in my Best Self Journal so nothing gets forgotten- or so I can reassess where things may have to be pushed back or delegated. The only thing is I wish when folded in half it fit into my Best Self Journal without hanging out. That would be fantastic.

love bestself because

it's simple! it's one of the most basic productivity planners out there and that's a GREAT THING! life is already too complicated, make things simple!


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