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We are using as a writing & discussion tool with students. Great range of topics, great resource for the classroomthe classroom

Journaling has never been so easy!

I started using the Wordsmith Deck as soon as it arrived and I am hooked. I love that it creates introspection and jumpstarts my day with an activity that helps me become more of my best self. Thank you!!!!

Excellent quality

Useful. Interesting. Entertaining and intelligent. Recommended. Nice packaging too.

I love this set! Journaling has begun again in my life!

I recently purchased the wordsmith deck because I wanted to get started journaling again and this has been a wonderful way to think about so many things that don't usually come up in normal conversations with my self. I love that it gets you thinking about early memories and early relationships. It's such an eye opening way to express things that may have had a huge impact in your life. Definitely such a great purchase!

Wordsmith Deck

Brilliant! I'm finally truly enjoying my journaling experience. Before these cards, I had difficulty getting a regular habit going, --but no more!

The WordSmith Deck (Expanded Edition)

The expanded edition comes with 150 prompts, that is 50 more prompts than what is in the original Wordsmith Deck. The box, material, and designs have all been updated too! 

The WordSmith Deck (Original Edition)

The original edition of the Wordsmith Deck comes with 100 prompts that are proven to help cultivate the habit of journalling.

Blank Page Blues. Solved.

Not sitting down to journal consistently? Not feeling motivated? Not making

the time to work towards your goals?


If you’re the classic over thinker then WordSmith Cards are your cure. They’ll get you "started and steady" instead of just "waiting to get it right"

Kill Writer’s Block And Dance With Your Inner Muse

WordSmith Cards were designed to put you back in control of your creativity. Now, inspiration strikes when you tell it to. Inside your deck are 150 prompts that will help you get something, anything down on that blank page. They’re also particularly useful for people who are new to journalling and want to build a habit of writing every day. Keep your WordSmith Cards on your desk or wherever you do most of your writing. When you’re stuck, draw a card, read the prompt and write the first thing that comes to your mind.

For Everyone Who’d Like To Journal, But Has No Idea What To Write

The WordSmith prompt cards were designed to help you dig deep, discover your best self and unlock your highest potential. Each card falls into 1 of 6 categories. You’ll examine your current life goals and your Education and Career. Evaluate the strength of your personal and professional relationships. Reflect deeply on yourself, your health and the world around you.

Turn Journaling Into A Daily Pleasure?

You KNOW you need to be journalling. You KNOW it will help you organize your thoughts and goals. And you KNOW you’ve got creativity inside of you….but you just feel stuck. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get your thoughts out of your head. Journalling isn’t about frustration, it’s about digging deep into yourself and understanding who you are, where you are and where you want to go. WordSmith cards strategically prompt you to dig deep, examining the most important aspects of who you are.  


Easy for him to say, he was a creative genius. Or was he? The truth is he knew that writing is NOT art, it’s a craft. That means the more you just do it, the better you become at it.  


No More Running From Your Own Creativity

Deep perspective and true creativity are often hidden right under your nose. WordSmith cards force you to look closely at the most important parts of your life, reflect on them and get those ideas out and into the world, in any form. Sometimes it’s hard to think of WHAT to write about that is going to MAKE THE CHANGES and keep you on track, motivated and doing the work. WordSmith cards do the thinking for you, so you can squeeze out every last drop of your creative self.


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